Every service. From a single source.

By offering all production processes in-house we can provide a faster turnaround with more consistent results.

Design and Development

Give your project to Central Profiles and we’ll bring it to life in its totality. Our skilled engineers work closely in partnership with you to realise the best possible solution. Whether it’s an item designed from scratch, existing digital drawings and sketches, our talented personnel will create a sample for your approval (or necessary changes) before proceeding to production. It’s all achieved quickly, cost effectively, and with no compromises.


Laser cutting

The precision, speed and flexibility of laser cutting capabilities is unsurpassed as our machinery is amongst the most advanced in the industry. Our new 4kw Amada Fibre Laser is fully automated which enables us to operate at previously unimaginable speeds. Central Profiles is also the first company in the UK to utilise the Amada ASF 3015 EU speed loading tower. The pairing of our new fibre laser and pioneering tower means that producing superb results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is now no longer a goal for us to strive towards but a reality that we are achieving week on week.


Bending and Folding

Our super-strong line-up of three Amada CNC Pressbrakes is all part of our capacity to provide a total integrated service. Combining seamlessly with latest 3D Bendcam software, you are guaranteed brilliantly accurate bending and folding, even on the most complex designs. Whether it’s mild steel, stainless steel or aluminium, our machines perform superbly on both light gauge and heavy gauge. For quality and speed, nothing comes close.



Our skilled welders are key members of our team. Handpicked through careful recruitment, they have the skills that make them fast, accurate and consistent. It means that the welding will never be a weak point in the production process. And it means we can offer you the full spectrum of welding services – tig, mig and spot – with absolute confidence.



Our new powder coating capabilities allow you to entrust the whole production process to Central Profiles. This is an example of us putting the customer at the centre of all we do by performing every stage in-house for consistency and quality control. As well as our powder coating line and phosphate process, we also provide galvanising, gold passivate, clear passivate and electroplating. It’s a total, integrated service from the most capable professionals in the Midlands.