Metal Bending & Folding

Turning flat sheet metal into finished components

Metal bending & folding is a way of quickly turning flat sheet metal into finished
components using powerful machinery.

Bending/Folding is an essential step in the fabrication of most sheet metal products and is
achieved using manufacturing equipment called ‘press brakes’. Widely used to fabricate a
range of items such as brackets, lorry parts, machine covers, boiler cases, and general day to-day items.
Press brake machines are typically narrow and long so that large pieces of sheet metal can
be bent by it.

After a part has been laser cut it is positioned between the top and bottom tool on the press
brake. The correct amount of pressure for the bend is then applied by the machine to
achieve the desired angle. 

Our press brakes are built to suit a wide range of folding requirements and can make light
work out of large batch and repeat fold orders.

What press brakes do we use?

Our super strong line-up of three Amada CNC (Computer numerically controlled) press
brakes and our latest addition HG 1003 ATC enables us to match individual customer
requirements to the most suitable metal folding solution.

Our ATC (automatic tool changer) provides consistant tool loading between our operators
which results in more parts folded per hour with exceptional accuracy.

What metals can be folded at Central Profiles?

Our team

Whilst all of our machines offer exceptional accuracy our skilled press brake team are
essential in ensuring our machines live up to their capability.

With folds consistently checked and measured by our team, you are guaranteed to receive accurate parts with precision bends.