Project Development

From Concept to Completion

Give your project to Central Profiles and we’ll bring it to life in its totality. Our skilled engineers work closely in partnership with you to realise the best possible solution. Whether it’s an item designed from scratch, existing digital drawings and sketches, our talented personnel will create a sample for your approval (or necessary changes) before proceeding to production. It’s all achieved quickly, cost effectively, and with no compromises.

Utilising professional CAD packages, such as AutoCAD and Radan, our design team are able to help you realise your projects potential. From simple 2D designs through to fully rendered 3D models we are capable of helping you envision your project before it is manufactured. Product design and development are key to the core of Central Profiles as we understand the importance of getting everything right, first time, every time.

If you have a design concept or drawing that you would like a quote for or to have our production team look over, get in touch with us here or call us on 01562 744788.