Our approach at Central Profiles is to work closely with our clients to achieve an economical, streamlined process. A good example of this in action was our recent project which involved developing and producing components for overhead heaters designed for the automotive industry.

Our client came to us with the basic design of the component and we brought in our engineering expertise to create a working solution. Naturally this meant working hand in glove with the manufacturer, particularly as it was a complex design.

We were in constant dialogue, keeping our client informed at every stage and taking on board any comments. A number of samples were created in working towards a final design that would meet the specifications in every detail.


Our initial brief was simply for laser cutting and bending, but thanks to the wide-ranging capability and capacity of Central Profiles we were able to make an important intervention at a crucial stage in the project. When it became apparent that our client was behind on schedule we were able to step in and offer to take over the welding of the components.

This meant our client was able to meet his customer’s deadlines and maintain a reputation for timely deliveries. A combination of skilled personnel and advanced buy acyclovir machinery meant a well-oiled operation that included overnight laser cutting of mild steel thanks to our automated stack tower.

With 3 press brakes for efficient bending, skilled welders for precision fabrication and powder coating using a phosphate process for a quality finish, we were able to manufacture 67 components per day over a period of 4 weeks. The products were completed within schedule and to the highest quality standards.

Key features of the project

  • Close working relationship with client
  • Design expertise applied to complex component
  • High volume production met in-house
  • Welding service added at late stage to assist client
  • Tight schedule fulfilled
  • Quality materials and precision production processes


  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Fabrication
  • Powercoating


  • Mild Steel (high quality laser steel from our approved supplier).


  • FI Amada Laser cutting machine– with automated tower for our night schedules.
  • Pressbrakes (3 pressbrakes enabling speed + reliability).
  • Fabrication using coded welders on reliable welding machine (Tig & Mig).
  • Powercoating (Phosphate process to ensure quality finish).
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