Robotic Welding Service

Our new Fanuc welding system compliments our skills

Welding is a crucial part of modern manufacturing.  It is essential for joining panels of metal into strong and durable components, without using bolts and rivets.  The process of fusing metal creates parts that are used in a wide range of different industries.

The challenge is that human welders have limitations.  One is the quality of welding.  There can be a gulf of difference between the quality of work carried out between two different welders.  It is a craft that requires great patience and concentration if the aim is to produce a high quality, tidy joint.  The second limitation is that when a project is large and requires repetition, the natural tendency is for human welders to lose focus.  Distractions lead to mistakes and inconsistencies.  The combination of these two limitations means that, whilst creating one-off projects is often practical for human operators, the larger the project, the more inconsistency in quality will affect the finished project.

Fortunately, there is a solution.  At Central Profiles, we specialise in robotic welding.  As the name suggests, this means that the manufacturing process is completed by a robot.  When it comes to finding the best robot welding service, North London customers will not find a better combination of high quality craftsmanship, excellent customer service and competitive prices.

Choosing a robotic service for your metal fabrication projects provides three key advantages:

  • Consistency – whereas a human operator will quickly tire of the same type of welding task, hour after hour, day after day, an arch welding robot does not suffer from the same problem. It can repeat the same welding operation time after time, without losing concentration or making mistakes caused by tiredness.  That means that the quality of work will be consistent, whether you look at the 10th, the 100th or the 1000th item welded.
  • Accuracy – some human operators can produce very accurate welding, but this will vary between operators and even between shifts. An operator may produce accurate welds one day, and then less accurate work the next.  In contrast, robotic welding produces highly accurate welds.  The machine, controlled by precision motors and a computer programme, follows the precise pattern every time, without hand tremors or muscle aches.  Whether it is robotic MIG welding or a spot welding robot, the weld will be accurate and precise, resulting in a higher quality of finished work.
  • Speed – as with the quality, different operators work at different speeds. Some work very quickly at welding.  But robotic welding works at a fast speed, and it does not need to take breaks or have a rest.  This means that even large scale production lines can be completed in a relatively short time span.

If you need a robotic welding service, look no further than our specialist team at Central Profiles.  We are fully equipped to complete any manufacturing jobs that you have, and we provide our services at competitive prices.  We provide other manufacturing services, including powder coating, fabrication and laser cutting.  For more information, including enquiries or to receive a free quote for our services, contact us using the details on the website or the online enquiry form.

Robotic Welding vs Manual Welding