Laser Cutting

Providing the Cutting Edge in Profiling


At Central Profiles, we have been offering laser cutting as part of our business for over 20 years. providing quality laser cut profiles for hundreds of businesses. Working with B2B clients from pretty most industries, we are able to create bespoke items using your specifications. Our custom-made products are formed from the initial designs, and we not only offer laser cutting and other fabrication services, but also finishing services. Read on to find out more about our laser equipment and the materials we are capable of cutting.


Having heavily invested into obtaining the best equipment, we can offer laser cutting on a huge scale. Our ongoing investment enable us to continue to provide the latest laser technology. We offer three lasers to our clients: the Bystronic 6KW, Amada 4KW and the 6KW. Capable of cutting a variety of materials, the new A S F storage tower is the first to be fitted in the UK, boasting the best turnaround of parts. Despite the speed of our laser cutting service, we never compromise on quality. Whilst maintaining our high standards, our new automated racking system enables us to increase our capabilities. Combining a high level of accuracy with flexibility, and speed, we are proud to offer the most advanced in the industry.


The materials that we typically work with are metals including copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. In addition, as we provide a bespoke service for our clients, we would be happy to discuss your needs if there is a particular kind of specialist material that you require for our laser cutting service, and we will be sure to be able to deliver your request.


To discover more about our laser cutting services, please get in touch through our online contact form, or email us at for enquires and for sales. Alternatively, you can call us on 01562 744788 to talk with a member of our team directly. We will be happy to help with any queries you may have, or can arrange an appointment to discuss your specifications, with no obligation to go forward with the necessary work.