Why People Choose Us?

As the name suggests, Central Profiles is based in the UK Midlands near the heart of Britain’s communications network. We started out in 1999 and have grown continually through an ongoing investment in machinery, software and people, even during the downturn. This has all been combined with a unique focus on giving our customers a holistic approach to profiling.

Our aspiration has always been to be the leading sub-contract laser cutting company in the region, and we’ve achieved it through the excellence of our staff. When you talk to Central Profiles you know it’s going to be an experience that’s not just productive, but also pleasant. Our people are friendly as well as professional, and genuinely care for the needs of our customers. If you want a profiling company that will go the extra distance for you, then you’ve just found it.

Always up to speed with the latest development in the industry

Through our membership of The Association of Laser Users (AILU), we are always up to speed with the latest development in the industry.

Our ISO9001:2015 registration reflects our commitment to delivering a quality service and products through good management.

Through cutting-edge equipment and human expertise, Central Profiles makes metal work for you. Unlike most fabrication companies, we’re a people business. It’s this holistic approach to profiling that ensures we deliver unrivalled results in everything from design and development to fabrication and finishing

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By offering all production processes in-house we can provide a faster turnaround with more consistent results.

Laser Cutting

Our three fibre lasers include the Bystronic 6KW, Amada 4KW and Amada 6KW can cut a range of materials in record-time. We can provide laser cutting services for metal, typically working with copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and mild steel. We employ the most advanced technology and continue to innovate and build upon our two decades of experience with laser cutting.

Bending & Folding

Working with both light and heavy gauge, our bending and folding machinery is able to work with both aluminium and steel. We make use of three Amada CNC press brakes, as well as our newest HG 1003, which includes an automatic tool changer. This can tackle the trickiest of layouts in just minutes, combining a high level of accuracy with speed.

Robotic Welding

Our new Fanuc welding system compliments our skilled,
manual welding service by delivering programmed accuracy.
Coupled with our onsite finishing facilities this increases
quality and capacity, ensuring deadlines are met
with accuracy.

Welding & Fabrication

Welding refers to the joining of metal parts, fusing them together by heating the required surfaces to melting point. This can be done with various tools, such as a blowpipe or electric arc. Welding usually refers to joining two or metal parts, but it can also be used on thermoplastics, as well as wood. Our welding services also incorporate robotics, which refers to the use of robots, which are essentially mechanical programmable tools to automatically carry out welding. The application of robotics is most common in high production applications such as in the automotive industry.

Powder Coating & Finishing

In order to make sure our customers are completely satisfied, we provide our powder coating and finishing services in-house. This means that our work is always of a consist high standard, and we are able to oversee quality control processes. In addition to our powder coating line and phosphate process, we also offer galvanising, gold passivate, clear passivate and electroplating. We provide a plethora of colours when it comes to powder coat colours and finishes including, gloss, matte and leatherette.

Product Development

We aim to offer a complete product development service, from the initial concept and profiling services to the manufacturing and finishing. Through our first meetings, we establish your specifications, and make a sample for you to check, always keeping an open channel of communication to make sure your needs are met at every stage of the development.


Over the years we have developed the means to offer our customers a complete profiling service, all the way from design to delivery. We are not just reactive – our starting point is to meet with you to define exactly what’s required and how to achieve it. We then create a one-off sample to avoid costly errors.

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Having the most up-to-date high capacity equipment is vital in providing customer satisfaction because it means faster results with better quality and accuracy. The quality of our equipment is another way we give you an unrivalled service.

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A machine is often only as good as its software allows it to be. At Central Profiles we’ve invested in the best software in the sector – programs that are genuinely efficient and allow us to offer our customers an innovative service.

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Listening to the Customer since 1999

Our Expert Team

For more information about our range of bespoke metal fabrication services, please get in touch through our online contact form, or email us at enquiries@central-profiles.co.uk for enquires and sales@central-profiles.co.uk for sales. You can also call us on 01562 744788 in order to speak directly to a member of our dedicated staff. We will be pleased to answer any questions or arrange an appointment to discuss your specifications, with no obligation to go forward with the required work.