If you want to prove a product is watertight, then the North Sea has to be the ultimate testing ground. This was the challenge we faced at Central Profiles when a manufacturer approached us to redesign one of their bins. The requirement was for an industrial waste bin with a front opening that wouldn’t let water in, even on an offshore oil rig.

There was also a tight deadline of just a month to design the metal door, make a sample and deliver it for testing. The objective was to create a bin which could withstand the harshest weather conditions, stay dry inside and avoid becoming heavy through water seepage.

After initial meetings with the client, our engineer quickly got to work designing the new bin door with the assistance of sophisticated 3D software. A key feature of the project was our continual liaison with the client at every stage on an almost daily basis to make sure the product was right first time. We wanted the test sample to be also the best long term solution.

The resources for the right result

At Central Profiles we have a comprehensive range of equipment for a task of this complexity. We also have the skilled personnel. Our professional team was able to design the product to ensure it could be manufactured entirely in-house using a whole range of processes, which included laser cutting, bending, fabrication, powder coating and testing.

It was this total capability which allowed us to meet the deadline precisely and deliver exactly the result our client had originally specified. At the time of writing, the sample product is undergoing the most rigorous testing on an oil rig in the North Sea, and our client is delighted by the ability of the bin to withstand everything the elements can throw at it.

We feel pleased to have been able to help in the creation of such a durable, specialised item. There is every reason to suppose a satisfactory outcome from the test period and the manufacturer will shortly have a new premium industrial bin to add to their product line.

Key features of the project

  • Highly specialised product
  • Tight deadline of four weeks
  • Close client liaison throughout
  • Designed to exacting specification
  • All production processes in-house
  • Delivered on time
  • Proving successful in toughest test conditions


  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Fabrication
  • Powercoating


  • Mild Steel 10mm and flat bar (high quality laser steel from our approved supplier).


  • FI Amada Laser cutting machine– with automated tower for our night schedules.
  • Pressbrakes (3 pressbrakes enabling speed + reliability).
  • Fabrication using coded welders on reliable welding machine (Tig & Mig).
  • Powercoating (Phosphate process to ensure quality finish).
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