When Central Profiles was commissioned to make bathroom and wardrobe door handles for a large international hotel chain, it was clear that this was a chance to prove our commitment to accuracy and consistency. That’s because these were no ordinary handles – they had to be a perfect fit for a pre-cut contour embedded in the wood of the door.

As always our approach was to work in close partnership with our client who was involved on an almost daily basis at the beginning of the project, and several samples were made so that the exact specification could be assured.

The challenge was to achieve a complex design that could be guaranteed to be perfectly replicated in both proportions and colour every time. In fact one of the most demanding aspects of the job turned out to be matching the exact shade of grey that was required. We worked long and hard on this to reliably produce the desired colour.


Completing the project to the required timescale and level of perfection would not have been possible without our investment in advanced machinery. Using high quality mild steel from our approved supplier, we cut out the profile of each handle with our Amada F1 laser machine.

This profile was then bent into the shape by our Amada Pressbrake, a machine known in the industry for its accuracy and performance. Next the bent parts were tig welded together by hand in our welding department. The final stage of the process – and a vital one from an aesthetic point of view – was to apply powder coating in that exact shade of grey.

Producing batches of a hundred, each to a specified deadline and with each handle individually wrapped for protection, our client has been very satisfied with the result. We have played our part in maintaining the quality of the hotel chain’s interior design across the world.

Key features of the project

  • High degree of accuracy and consistency
  • Colour finish needed to be exact shade
  • Liaised closely with client throughout
  • Complete production process fulfilled in-house
  • Product individually wrapped for protection


  • Laser cutting
  • Bending
  • Fabrication
  • Powercoating


  • Mild Steel CR4 1.6mm (high quality laser steel from our approved supplier).


  • FI Amada Laser cutting machine– with automated tower for our night schedules.
  • Pressbrakes (3 pressbrakes enabling speed + reliability).
  • Fabrication using coded welders on reliable welding machine (Tig & Mig).
  • Powercoating (Phosphate process to ensure quality finish).
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