Powder Coating

A Perfect Finish Every Time

When we realised that our customers were not getting the service that we felt they deserved we looked at how we could best resolve that issue and concluded that moving all of our powder coating in-house would be the only way to guarantee we were exceeding our customer’s expectations.

Since its introduction more than 70 years ago, powder coating has grown in popularity and is now used by many manufacturers of common household and industrial products

Powder coating

is a process to coat or seal items for either protective or decorative purposes.
Powder coatings can be applied to a variety of metal and non-metal materials in a wide range of thicknesses, colours, finishes, and textures that are not readily achievable through other coating methods.

Powder coating is our customer’s most preferred finishing service for many reasons. They need a durable, chip, and corrosion-resistant product and powder coating can offer this for them and more.

The dry powder coating is delivered to a spray gun tip that is fitted with an electrode to provide an electrostatic charge to the powder as it passes through a charged area at the gun tip. The charged powder particles are attracted to a grounded part and are held there by electrostatic attraction until melted and fused into a uniform coating in a curing oven.

We offer a large selection of powder coat colours and finishes including, gloss, matte and leatherette. If we don’t have what you are looking for in stock we have a long list of suppliers that are able to provide all RAL colour powders.

In the addition to being a durable and attractive choice, powder coatings compared to liquid coatings, do not require solvents to maintain the coating suspension. Powder overspray can also be retrieved and reused, so provides less waste.

As well as our powder coating line and phosphate process, we also provide galvanising, gold passivate, clear passivate, metal polishing and electroplating.