Powder Coated Steel

If your business manufactures components that need painting or coating, or if you are refurbishing old components, a fresh, hard-wearing powder coating finish could be just what you need. At Central Profiles, we specialise in providing high quality powder coating for all types of industry.

As a manufacturer, your goal is no doubt to supply products to your customers in top condition.  This means not only must they be functional and fit for purpose, but they should also look great in any setting.

Powder Coated Aluminium

In the course of providing metal fabrication services, we are frequently asked by customers about the best way to finish various items.  We offer powder coating services because this method is the gold standard for protecting and colouring metal objects.

 For example, powder coated steel will prove more resistant to scuffs and scratches than similar installations which have been painted in the traditional way.  Powder coated aluminium panels can provide protection for delicate wiring and switchgear in harsh industrial environments, without falling foul of corrosion.

Powder Coated Metal

Our mission is to provide, not just a service, but a complete solution which represents the very best choice for you and your product.  When it comes to powder coating, UK customers choose it because it offers the ideal combination of durability, corrosion resistance, consistent covering and fast production rates. It is a great option for a wide variety of component parts.

For example, it can often be used to achieve a smoother, more consistent and longer lasting top layer than alternate methods, such as liquid spray painting. Similarly, the overall finish can be finer than that created by dipping techniques, since dipping can result in drip marks or even flood fine details on the component.

An additional advantage is that there is no need to use solvents, unlike many other coating methods.

As well as the smooth and even finish of a powder coating, the finished covering is long lasting and chip resistant. This makes it ideal if the component will be exposed to the elements. There are a range of colours available, so whatever you need we can almost certainly provide the right colour. Our long list of suppliers means that we can source all RAL colours to get the right shade for the job.

Why not contact our team to discuss how our services can be the right choice for your business? Our experienced team is available to answer all your questions about our services, and we will be happy to advise you about the suitability of powder coating for other materials.

If you are looking for ‘powder coating near me’, look no further. We are the specialists in powder coated metal that you can rely on. Contact us to discuss how our techniques could be the right choice for your business, and we will provide you with a completely free, no-obligation quote for carrying out the work.

As well as our powder coating line and phosphate process, we also provide galvanising, gold passivate, clear passivate, metal polishing and electroplating.

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