Mar 03 2022

Just like people, businesses each have their own personality with their own individual areas of expertise, experience, and knowledge.

With so many great companies in the laser cutting industry, how do you decide which is the best for you?

Here are 5 things we think you should be looking for when searching for your next supplier.

Laser Cutting Supplier

1. Do their goals & values align with yours?

In our 22 years in business, we have worked with many companies, from multiple industries all over the UK.

And although every partnership is unique, we’ve discovered that the companies with similar goals and values to ours work best with us.

When both parties are on the same page, the relationship is more productive. We pride ourselves on our service and doing what we say we will, which is something that will never change.

2.  Is giving great customer service a high priority for them?

Relationships are important in life and having a great business relationship is key in metal fabrication. It’s important the company you are using knows your business needs and you have a trusting relationship to welcome positive and negative feedback, as well as any new ideas.

  • Will they prioritise a time-sensitive order for you?
  • Do they have someone at the end of the phone to help when you need them?
  • Do they value great communication and respond to requests quickly?

Having a great business relationship with your metal fabricator can give you that hassle free experience we all want.

If there’s one thing our sales team like to do it’s visiting our customers for a coffee, catch up and work on building the relationship further.

Trusted Laser Cutting

3. Is their experience and machinery enough to ensure success for your product?

A company’s previous work experience and capabilities can give you a good indication if they will be a good fit for your business.

  • What type of materials do they commonly work with?
  • Do they have experience with projects the same size as yours?
  • What services can they offer?

Although you may only need a small amount of laser cutting now, you may have other projects that require larger batches, bending, and powder-coating in the future. Moving from one supplier to another can be time-consuming. So look for a supplier who can do all processes under one roof. It could save you not only time but money too.

Laser Cutting

Trusted Laser Cutting

4. Do they offer good value?

Simply put, price is what you pay for something and value is what you think it is worth. Some people may argue ‘you get what you pay for’ and there is some truth in that. Price of cause is important. However, if a cheaper laser cutting supplier constantly lets you down, produces poor quality work, and is late on deliveries, won’t that cost you more money in the long run?

Laser-cutting companies that can deliver on time and only produce rare mistakes can be worth their weight in gold.

5. Can they offer a prototype?

Laser-cutting prototypes allow you to test your designs in a ‘real world’ environment. Additionally, they allow us to identify problems before batch production. Preventing costly mistakes down the road for both you and us. Our CAD team can modify your product quickly and easily, getting your design to the specifications you require before a mass production run.

Find a Laser Cutter

We think when you consider all of the above factors, you should be on a solid path to finding an established trusted laser cutting company to serve all of your needs. If you lose sight of the bigger picture by focusing solely on price when selecting a company, you can miss out on all the other aspects that are of more importance. Like quality, experience, excellent customer service and communication.

So, if you need to find a company you can trust, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and knowledgeable team!

Samantha Cartwright

Samantha Cartwright

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