May 24 2023

Hey there! We are absolutely thrilled to share some exciting news with you. We’ve taken a giant leap forward by expanding our powder coating facility. This means that we can now tackle customer demands with four times the capacity we had before, making us speedier and more efficient than ever! So, grab a cup of coffee and join us on this journey as we delve into the benefits of automated powder coating services and how our expansion allows us to offer even more incredible powder coating services. 

Meeting Customer Demands:

Our previous powder coating capacity was feeling a little cramped, like trying to fit into your favourite jeans after a holiday feast. The demand for our services skyrocketed, and we knew it was time for change. So we’ve expanded our facility to ensure that we can cater to all your coating needs, no matter the size or complexity. It’s our way of saying, “we’ve got your back!”

Expanded Powder Coating-Only Services:

Imagine this: a whole menu dedicated solely to powder coating. Yes, you heard that right! We’re excited to introduce our powder coating-only services, for those who want the crème de la crème of coatings. Now you can enjoy the benefits of powder coating without the need for additional processes from us. 

A Pre Treatment Like No Other

In today’s industry, quality standards are skyrocketing, and powder paint finishing is no exception. That’s why we’ve invested in a fully automated pre-wash and treatment system that leaves no room for compromise. 

Automation brings a host of benefits to the pre-treatment process. First and foremost, it ensures consistency. The pre-treatment process is our ‘secret sauce’ that can make all the difference between an average job and a truly exceptional one. And let us tell you, we’re all about delivering first-class results!

Unparalleled Finish Quality:

Let’s talk about that picture-perfect finish. Powder coating is like a magic wand that transforms metal parts into extraordinary ones. It’s durable, protects against all sorts of wear and tear and leaves an eye catching finish. With our expanded facility, we’ve amped up the quality control to ensure that each coated product looks as flawless as a Hollywood star on the red carpet. 

Embracing New Partnerships:

We’re not just expanding our facility; we’re expanding our family too. We can’t wait to welcome new customers on board, whether you’re a small-scale business or a big industry player. Our increased capacity means we can accommodate a larger client base and cater to a diverse range of needs.

Our dedicated sales team is eagerly waiting to assist you with any enquiries or requests you may have. Give them a call on 01562 744788 or drop us an email – we’re always ready to chat and help you discover the wonders of our enhanced powder coating services. 

Mark Smith
Sales Manager
Saiqa Iqbal
Senior Estimator/Account Manager
Chris Pearson
Estimator/Account Manager

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Samantha Cartwright

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