Feb 26 2024

In anticipation of our new machine arriving in April, our latest blog explores the cutting-edge Locus Beam Control (LBC) Technology it will have. If you’re someone who’s interested in precision engineering and high-quality metal processing, this is the blog for you. We’re diving into the fascinating world of laser cutting technology, specifically focusing on Amada’s groundbreaking LBC Technology.

So, what exactly is LBC Technology? It’s an innovative system developed by Amada for controlling the motion of the laser beam during the cutting process. This technology handles beam patterns with variable geometry for each thickness and material being processed. What does this mean for you? It means that there’s no need to diffuse the power of the laser beam to cut materials anymore, resulting in incredibly high processing speeds and remarkable cutting quality.

“We’ve got something that isn’t wildly out there, it’s cutting-edge technology with more buttons and buzzers. It makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning – you can’t beat the feeling of when you open a new present.” – Mark, Sales Manager

Standard laser cutting

With LBC Technology, by utilising the optimal beam pattern to remove all the molten material quickly and effectively from the cutting front, it enables speeds equivalent to higher power lasers. The result? Increased productivity.

New LBC Technology

With standard laser cutting, when a laser beam moves away from the material’s surface, it loses heat and can’t efficiently remove material at the bottom of the cut. But with LBC Technology, high-density laser power is used on the side faces of the cutting area to provide enough heat at the bottom for clean cuts without any dross (unwanted burring).

This means that very high-quality stainless steel and aluminum processing is possible, significantly reducing or even eliminating any secondary operations required after cutting. Now, that’s what we call efficiency and precision at its finest!

Amada’s LBC Technology is a game-changer in the world of laser cutting. It’s revolutionizing the way materials are processed, offering incredible speed, cutting quality, and dross-free possibilities. If you’re in the business of precision engineering and high-quality metal processing, LBC Technology is definitely something you should consider incorporating into your operations!

“In April, we’re welcoming our 4th laser, featuring the revolutionary LBC technology, which means an unprecedented amount of cutting hours at your disposal. Whether you’re a seasoned client or a new face in the industry, we’re all geared up to take on new and ambitious projects, delivering top-notch results every time.” – Russel, Owner and Director


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