Jul 01 2021

Well, we have had our new Amada press brake for over 2 months now, and so far we are really impressed!

For those that don’t know, press brakes are machines that bend and fold most commonly sheet metal. Tools need to be set up by the operator manually which can be time-consuming. 

The new HG 1003 with automatic tool changer promised to drastically reduce setup time and provide the ideal solution for processing variable-sized batches with complex tool layouts. So we wanted to put that claim to the test.


Keith, Wez and Matt our press brake experts enjoyed two days of training with an AMADA rep, who I must say gave great in-depth training. They all came away confident and ready to start using their shiny new machine. Once again great after-sales service from AMADA!

Next, with the programmes set up they got to work testing out the new press brake, bending sample pieces, large batch orders and swapping from programme to programme. Not only did the setup of each job take just a couple of minutes, but the tools it provided were also accurate. With a standard CNC press brake it could take up to 15 minutes just to set the machine up (time which customers pay for). With the HG1003 ATC you can change the setup, bend the piece/s and be back doing the original batch during this time.

Having the ATC has saved our team so much time and it has reduced lead time for our customers which is a total WIN-WIN and the main reason we purchased the machine.

So if you asked me the question has it lived it up to the hype? I would say….. Absolutely!

Every day is a school day and we are still learning new tricks this amazing machine can do, so I will give you another update in a couple of months time.

We are constantly wanting to improve our operation with the latest machinery and this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Keep your eyes peeled 👀

Samantha Cartwright

Samantha Cartwright



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