Mar 15 2022

Robotic Welding vs Manual WeldingThe world of robotics is truly amazing.  When you consider all of the different achievements in this field, you may wonder where it will go to next.  From the production of machinery to aid scientific exploration, to the delicate and intricate work of microelectronics, you can use robotics for almost anything.

To make things even better, most of the programming and knowledge needed to use robotics is easily accessible and available to those in general manufacturing, and not just for a select purpose, group or company of people.  This includes robotic welding that can be applied to any number of domestic or commercial needs and uses.  This robotic welding can create identical pieces of work, at times with unparalleled accuracy, and, overall, can achieve quicker results that any skilled manual welder.

So, you may wonder, if robotics has come so far, why do we still require manual welding?  And, more to the point, why do we need to compare the two?

Of course, there are people who do manual welding as part of a hobby, and therefore would not have a need for hiring or buying a complex piece of heavy machinery to help them in their projects.  However, manual welding is still a much-valued part of the professional industry, and here’s why.

Manual Welding

The most efficient kind of welding all depends on what you are trying to create.  Regardless of how quickly a machine can build or weld two materials together, if it is not at the standard of quality you require, it can not be considered efficient.

Robotic Welding

Robotic welding is ideal for repetitive motions and movements to create identical results.  As it takes time to make the jigs and set up the programming for any job, robotic manufacturing is best suited to the mass production of a particular design.  For example, in the automotive industry consistency is key, as all vehicles need to match the exact specifications of the model to fulfil type approval.

Therefore, if you have a smaller, or single project that requires welding, then manual welding is the more logical choice.  By having the two options available here at Central Profiles, we can provide an efficient welding service, that cuts down on time, the use of energy resources, and the cost incurred over any professionally commissioned job.

What else can make manual welding a better option?  No matter how good the programming of robotics gets, nothing will compare to the spontaneous artist touch that your project may require at any moment in the manufacturing process, that a human hand can provide.  When a new idea, or creative thought strikes, it can take a long time to reprogram or retune the computers needed to operate the robotics, to get the results you want.  With the handheld tools that professional welders have available, as well as the choice between Spot, MIG and TIG welding, the ideas you want and level of detail you require can be quickly and easily achieved.

It is understandable that some customers may initially favour one kind of welding over another, based on past experience of preconceived ideas of how it all works.  The truth is though, that whatever your project is, when a company have it in their ability to provide all kinds of techniques and processes, you will always have a superior result, and a more efficient service.

You can trust us to cater to all your needs, and provide an excellent service throughout.  You can check out our website to learn more about our team, and even have a look at how we can provide project management services.  For more information contact Central Profiles today.


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